UV Light Influences

  • Vitamin D3 Production
  • Vision
  • Feeding
  • Behaviour
  • Breeding
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Lamp Reminder

Lamps emit ultraviolet radiation, so it is important to remember to change at the end of their recommended optimum lighting hours.

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  • Hummingbirds originate from an area that has a very high UV index.
  • The UV Flood will project usable UV over a wider area and further into a cage than any other bird lamp.
  • Greys kept under the correct UV full spectrum lighting are less likely to growl, more likely to preen.
  • How the correct UV Lighting can benefit our small furry pets.

The Arcadia Bird Lamp has been developed in order to provide an artificial source of ultraviolet (UV) light, which is essential to captive birds denied exposure to direct sunlight.


Small Furry Pets



Vitamin D3 Cycle

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Arcadia Reptile

Our agent in Australia shows how to fit our new linking system to a breeding stack. ...

Arcadia 8w Mini UVB bird lamp kit all set up. 3 kits that can connect into each other with one power point outlet used.

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Arcadia Reptile

Check out some of our Dart frogs waiting for feeding time at Arcadia Reptile HQ. ...

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Arcadia Reptile

So, The adventure begins. To keep a pair of Tokay geckos in a 6x5x2 Live planted Bio-Active vivarium. Breed and document the reported incidence of maternal and paternal care in the parents.... Gloves at the ready! ...

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