UV Light Influences

  • Vitamin D3 Production
  • Vision
  • Feeding
  • Behaviour
  • Breeding
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Lamp Reminder

Lamps emit ultraviolet radiation, so it is important to remember to change at the end of their recommended optimum lighting hours.

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  • Hummingbirds originate from an area that has a very high UV index.
  • The UV Flood will project usable UV over a wider area and further into a cage than any other bird lamp.
  • Greys kept under the correct UV full spectrum lighting are less likely to growl, more likely to preen.
  • How the correct UV Lighting can benefit our small furry pets.

The Arcadia Bird Lamp has been developed in order to provide an artificial source of ultraviolet (UV) light, which is essential to captive birds denied exposure to direct sunlight.


Small Furry Pets



Vitamin D3 Cycle

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Arcadia Reptile

Check out this Male Map Turtle getting stuck into an Arcadia 'All Natural' 100% Insect 'Koi Ball'. Seems that they are not just good for Koi :-) ...

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Arcadia Reptile

Check out the colours on this Panther Chameleon under our UVB systems. Simply stunning. Another gem seen at Global Gekcos, ...

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Arcadia Reptile

Check out this review of EarthPro-OmniGold by our partners at Northampton Reptile centre. ...

Northampton Reptile Centre (www.ReptileCentre.com)

Have you tried Arcadia Reptile's EarthPro Omni Gold food? This food contains a huge variety of ingredients making it perfect for omnivorous reptiles such as blue-tongued skinks! We'll show you how to prepare a batch of Omni Gold, and you'll also see what our adult blue-tongued skinks' first impressions were. Please leave a comment below telling us what your experience of Omni Gold are. — Products shown: Arcadia EarthPro Omni Gold 300g.

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